PLEASE REMEMBER I ALSO RESCUE the rare breed, BALKAN HOUND, along with Basset Hounds.They are rescued from the Balkans. Some starving on the streets, others taken out of the notorious NAS DOM kill station. Or the kill station in the woods.


Both wonderful family dogs. Easy to train.
These are rescued from the kill station in the woods ! Pensions (shelters)are closing down in the Balkans, many of these wonderful dogs will be killed in state run pounds.

Sadly due to time wasters, I now ask for a deposit of £50 towards the adoption fee to hold dogs for potential new owners to meet.
If the meeting should not go well, the deposit will be refunded.

The way I do things here. = I am based near Ludlow Shropshire.
Basset’s and other Hounds, stay with me for assessment, training if needed.
Any treatments needed, such as, neutering,spaying, vaccinations, worming any vet treatments, plus collection when needed. I have to pay for all of this.
Adoption fee’s help cover costs.

I then match the Basset’s to potential new homes offered. 99.9% success rate last year. The 1% is human element.

There is only me here to care for the Basset’s and other Hounds I take in. What I do is funded by donation fee’s, some donations in the last 16 months, my pension and rent from renting out a room in my home.

I have been doing dog rescue for many years. I trust my gut feelings when re homing a dog.
I sometimes have to arrange for dogs to be collected from their previous owner. I have to often pay for this.

As you will see in the pictures, the Basset’s run around my yards or field, they are not kept kenneled. They all get on really well living as a pack. New dogs very soon settle into the pack, sometimes it takes just minutes. They have a wonderful time here and soon forget any issues they may have had.
They stay with me until a suitable home for THEM is found. It may take weeks or months if needed.

At night and in wet weather they go into 3 summer houses, in groups of 4 to 6.
I will give information about each Basset or Hound, by their picture.

IF a placement does not work out (rare) they must be returned to me.
Donation fee’s apply, depending on what was involved. But from £250.

Potential new owners need to describe the home they offer = Hours worked, children, ages. Other dogs, ages, breed. etc Sent by private message or email.

If you have any questions please ask.
I have worked with dogs for many years, 45 ish. Including as a nurse. ODD as I am only 21 and a it. A BIG bit, ha ha.
I have a small animal care certificate , grade A with credits.

I am often asked for advice by people who are having problems with their Basset. A donation would be appreciated.

Pay pal can be used = lynbailey32@yahoo.com